Dr. Adam Nulty - Multi Award Winning Cosmetic Dentist & Implantologist

BChD MJDF RCS Eng PGCert MSc (Distinction) Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry | GDC Registration Number: 104097

Dr Adam has become a highly experience and motivated clinician by increasing his knowledge and experience in postgraduate education for many years. He has a special interest in Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology.

Beautiful White Teeth

The high viscosity, neutral ph tooth whitening gels ensure the greatest patient
comfort in a take home kit. The unique blend of soothers, conditioners and high
water content assist in reducing sensitivity.


Natural soother and conditioner
The incorporation of special additives minimises plaque formation and enhances
remineralisation to further reduce sensitivity. Antibacterial properties help in tooth


High water content
The high water content of the gel reduces dehydration of the enamel and
decreases patient sensitivity.


High molecular weight thickener
This reduces the tacky feeling and drying effect of the gel in turn reducing sensitivity further.


The pleasantly flavoured spearmint gel is both fresh and long lasting.


Fluoride releasing
The addition of fluoride remineralises the tooth surface assisting in reducing post-operative sensitivity.


Contains desensitising agent
The gels contain a desensitising agent which acts on the nerve endings, and desensitises them at the pulpdentin border, in turn minimising sensitivity and maximising patient comfort.


Ultra White Smile Makeover

Unlike some websites by other dental practices, this work was all completed by myself,
Dr Adam Nulty.

This is one of the Ultra White Smile Makeover patients. She requested “Joey Essex” white teeth, as white as possible for her wedding. She had veneers already placed 10 years ago that the gum had receded and since fitting her teeth had crowded slightly and the lower teeth had worn.

I replaced all upper veneers in the whitest shade possible at the patients request (from an already very white shade Bleach 030 to 010!), bleached her lower teeth, sealed the surfaces of her lower teeth and restored the lower teeth with bleach shade composite.

Not everyone wants an Ultra White smile, but if you would like a cosmetic consultation for an Ultra White Makeover or even just a makeover without the ultra white, please contact our practice.

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Excellent Whitening

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