Get your teeth whitened with Team Rock

All our Dentists provide teeth whitening services. It is a simple process which comprises of a digital impression scan, and a fit appointment the following week. The digital process makes this a more pleasant experience for the patient.

Finalist and Winner of the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2015, 2016, 2017, 2021 – Multiple Implant Related Catagories

Beautiful White Teeth

Boutique Whitening uses 6% hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel to provide fast results with short daily treatments. The pH-balanced formula and added potassium nitrate prevent teeth from drying out or becoming sensitive, which is quite common in over-the-counter kits. The thicker gel sets closely against teeth in the suction-moulded tray, keeping it evenly placed across your enamel for consistent results.

Ultra White Smile Makeover

smiling mouth white teeth smile mouth white teeth

The work pictured here was completed by the team at Dentist on the Rock (slide the banner to see before and after!).

This is one of our Ultra White Smile Makeover patients. She requested “Joey Essex” white teeth, as white as possible for her wedding. She had veneers already placed 10 years ago that the gum had receded and since fitting her teeth had crowded slightly and the lower teeth had worn.

We replaced all upper veneers in the whitest shade possible at the patient’s request (from an already very white shade Bleach 030 to 010!), bleached her lower teeth, sealed the surfaces of her lower teeth and restored the lower teeth with bleach shade composite.

Not everyone wants an Ultra White smile, but if you would like a cosmetic consultation for an Ultra White Makeover or even just a makeover without the ultra white, please contact our practice.

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