Our private prices include: (from 1st April 2024)

Payment Plans

We now offer Practice Plan Monthly Payment Plans!

We believe in prevention in dentistry being the key. This will hopefully stop you requiring treatment if you follow the advice given.

Our prices have been tailored to be reasonable considering the level of service offered in a state-of-the-art practice.

Ask us about finance options.

Worried about the cost of your dental healthcare?

Due to the current economical climate, we’ve put together an affordable dental membership plan to help you spread the cost of your dental health care.

Receive affordable, private dental appointments with our friendly team as part of our Practice Membership. You also benefit from regular hygiene visits too to help you achieve and maintain optimum dental health.

All this from just 62p per day!

Call us on 0161 222 4840 to find out more.

Price list

Check Ups & Consultations

Routine Examination – £55 plus radiographs

New Patient – £55 plus radiographs

Cosmetic & Implant Consultations (including examination) £80 plus radiographs fee
(Price with Prof Adam Nulty – £100 plus radiographs fee)

Orthodontic Consultations (clear aligners or traditional braces) – £80 plus radiographs fee

Child Consultations FREE (Under 16’s free if seen at the same time as an adult patient Children can be seen without an adult being seen at the same cost as an adult examination for all siblings. Baby teeth fillings and small fillings done at that visit are free. Fillings in adult teeth, or return visit fillings, are charged as per adult restorations.) Cosmetic Consultations FREE when accompanied by a routine examination


Cosmetic & Implant Consultations (including examination) £80 plus radiographs fee
(Price with Prof Adam Nulty – £100 plus radiographs fee)

Orthodontic Consultations (including examination) £80 plus radiographs fee

Endodontic Consultations (including examination) £80 plus radiographs fee
(Price with Prof Adam Nulty – £100 plus radiographs fee)

Emergency Care

Emergency Appointment with X-Ray and Pain Relief / Prescription £70
(Price with Prof Adam Nulty £80)

X-Rays Radiographs

Intra Oral X-ray Radiograph (Digital – HD High Resolution) Small £16.50
Panoramic Large X-Ray Radiograph (Digital – HD High Resolution) £48.50
Cone Beam 3D High Resolution & State-of-the-art Lower Dose CT Scan plus Prodiagnostics Report from £185

Hygiene Therapy

Full Scale and Polish Hygienist Appointment £60
Oral Hygiene Advice and Initial Periodontal Charting & Tailored Advice – £80
Subsequent Periodontal Therapy with Local Anaesthetic – £80 per half hour

Filling Restorations

Standard Colour Cement based Filling from £110

Fully Sculpted Composite Colour Matched Aesthetic Fillings;
1 Surface £175

2 Surfaces £210

3 Surfaces £300

Crowns & Inlays/Onlays

Composite Crown £675

Porcelain Ceramic Crown/Veneer £675

Emax All White Computer Milled Onlay/Veneer £675

Emax All White Computer Milled Crown £675

Bridges as above plus £80 per tooth

WE PROVIDE SAME DAY HIGH TECH Service (no temporaries)


Plastic Acrylic Dentures from £670 per arch
Flexible Dentures from £1070 per arch
Cosmetic Dentures (life-like gums and teeth) from £1290
Soft Lining £180
Denture Repairs £102
Addition of tooth £185
Flexible Denture Repairs / Additions £200

Root Canal Therapy

Anterior (front) £270

Premolar Single Root £295

Premolar Two Root £370

Molar £459

Files per case (required as thrown away each time) £43


Implant Placement £1499 per implant

Titanium Abutment £530

Custom Computer Made EMax Abutment/Denture abutments £675

Bone Grafting From £480 per area

Drill Guide (incision-free placement) £295

PRF Growth Factor Treatment £270

Crowns / Bridges from £675

Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics Consultation (with Dr Jack Shreeves) £48 (redeemable against treatment)
Wrinkle Decreasing:
1 Area £180
2 Areas £220
3 Areas £260

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening with Boutique’s Home Whitening Kit £270 per arch or £495 per dual arch

Replacement Whitening kit £102

Tooth Straightening

3D Digital Scan, Report and Video from £210 per arch

Clear Aligners from;

1-5 Aligners £1175 per arch

6-10 Aligners £1499 per arch

10+ Aligners £1725 per arch

Fixed braces from;

Under 16 – £2400 per arch, Dual Arch £2800

Over 16 – £2800 per arch, Dual Arch £3400

Cosmetic Fixed  – £3400 per arch, Dual Arch £3800

Fixed Retainer £120

Essix Retainer £100

Premium Essix Retainer £130

Temporary Essix Retainer £43

Mouthguard £97


Standard Custom Mouthguard £97


We do not charge a cancellation fee or a late fee. However, we expect patients to keep up appointments to maintain your commitment to your own health. If you miss or cancel at short notice a single appointment, you will be required to leave a deposit to book again. Two failures, or one long failure over one hour or two short notice cancellations will result in dismissal from the practice.

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